Unmarked police cars, Cowardly cops,Red light Cameras and illegal law enforcement. Help end unmarked cars on traffic patrol


    I don't know about your community, but in Norman, Oklahoma, the police force gets a little more invasive every day. Unmarked traffic patrol cars, traffic surveillance cameras and road blocks are all a part of life. I've started analyzing what the community actually benefits by having unmarked patrol cars, and the conclusion that I've reached is that we might as well just have another tax. For all the privacy we give up, revenue is the only real benefit that the community receives.

Website under fire.

A new website www.ratemycop.com is under fire from California lawmakers wishing to outlaw the display of Police Officers publicly available information online. More info to follow.

Tired of Unmarked Police Cars?

This is NOT an Unmarked Police Car

I'm starting a campaign to end unmarked police cars in Norman. The city of Norman has decided that they would rather have money than safer streets. The unmarked police cars we have in Norman REV THEIR ENGINES AT LIGHTS, encouraging unsafe behavior - and ticket the victims that fall prey to their entrapment. More unmarked cars on the streets mean less police visibility and a lower feeling of protection - while at the same time, instilling a fear of "always being watched".

Cop goes on shooting rampage

CRANDON, Wis. - An off-duty sheriff's deputy went on a shooting rampage early Sunday at a home where seven young people had gathered for pizza and movies, killing six and critically injuring the other before authorities fatally shot him, officials said. For the full story click below:http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20071008/ap_on_re_us/wisconsin_shooting 

Police chief says you should ask cops for ID

Mark Ott, Police Chief of Bridgeton, NJ, is "trying" to keep you and I safe this week, after the sale of several unmarked squad cars. "I have made it a priority to try and hav any and all accessory police-related equiptment removed". Well, I, for one, am glad that Mr Ott is trying.. I hope they were successfull. In any event, the Chief suggests that you ask any officer for his ID if you're pulled over in an unmarked police car. We'll see if they let you off with a warning...For the full story see the link below

Cops Harass woman and 15 year old boy.

Story from Youtube

Cowardly Cop of the Month

This video has been shown on the news around the country. A young kid being severely harassed by police. This officer is a prime example of a cowardly cop. Sorry about the "clicking" on the video, but it is just part of the original film. Note: The cowardly cop uses some vulgar language.

Chicago settles with man whose dog was shot by police

Chicago officials are paying $27,000 to a man whose dog was shot and killed by police last year during a persuit.

The lawsuit claimed that a police officer entered his yard while persuing a suspect and aroused his 10-year-old Akita. He claims that the officer shot the dog dead before continuing the chase. 

The city has agreed to settle, but admits no wrongdoing.

Video shows police abuses, harassment when asking for complaint form

Undercover investigator asks various police departments for complaint forms. The man was harassed and denied the forms, and even arrested in one police department.

Cops in Delaware kill unarmed marine.

Timeline of cop killing

Wilmington, Delaware-- An overzealous and apparently cowardly group of cops killed an unarmed, compliant marine in front of kids. Apparently he attempted to comply with the police officers, but according to multiple witnesses, was vomiting and could not comply due to being tazered multiple times by officers. For more on the story, check out the following links:

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